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Seals Action Gear
20 Years of Service, 1993-2013
Featured Product
Featured Product
Tasmanian Tiger Modular Rifle Bag



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FIRSTSPEAR is focused on the rapid design, development and delivery of integrated personal protective equipment and enhanced load carriage solutions for professional users and serious operators, and we are proud to be their exclusive Canadian distributor!
EBERLESTOCK is the only company to address the need for efficiency and mobility for those who hit the trail, the fire escape, or the rappel line, while carrying weapons. Their unique line of high-quality backpacks have been a favorite with serious operators around the globe for many years.
SURVIVAL ARMOR provides the most advanced NIJ 0101.06 certified armour packages, utilizing innovative ballistic solutions to optimize both performance and wearability while using cutting edge ballistic designs with proprietary fabrics, exceeding the new standard with special threat testing.
BATTLEWARE has redefined the standard for lightweight ballistic helmets with the VIPER, by offering not only the best ballistic protection but also superior suspension systems and harnesses from TEAM WENDY and top-notch add-ons, like WILCOX Night Vision Shrouds and accessories.
ITW Military products has provided innovative products to the military since 1853 and their brands are known throughout the world for their history of exceptional quality and leading-edge technology. From Fastmag to Fastex, ITW offers a broad line of products for today's demanding global situation.
TASMANIAN TIGER products have been popular with professional operators in Germany and around Europe for many years, and are now available in Canada. Their backpacks are particularly innovative in design, features and comfort and their selection of modular pouches is equally impressive.
SNUGPAK is a British company making top-of-the-line field kit for professional operators. Their success has endured for over thirty years by passing skills down through generations, while taking on the best that technology has to offer.
GEIGERRIG has upped the ante with their pressurized hydration system, creating easy, continuous and comfortable hydration during even the most strenuous activities. Geigerrig has won many awards for their innovative hydration systems around the world, so what are YOU waiting for?
VORTEX has not only become the leader of the pack when it comes to designing and building world-class optics for many tactical applications, but their unconditional lifetime warranty has completely blown the competition out of the water.
TRU-SPEC has raised the bar when it comes to tactical field garments and their products provide unequalled fit and comfort, exceptional durability and contemporary good looks. If you want to be ready for anything, TRU-SPEC's 24/7 Series tactical clothing beats the competition hands-down.
SPEC OPS products are made in the USA using the best materials and construction methods available. Every product is engineered to deliver maximum performance and durability, for life-long "no-worries" performance, and their warranty backs that up.
SMITH OPTICS has taken the tactical community by storm with their ELITE line, providing ballistic eyewear with exceptional optical clarity and features demanded by operators. From the range to the mean streets or the battlefield, Smith Optics has your eyes covered.
FENIX is a leading brand for innovative LED lighting technology and solutions and their products are used worldwide by law enforcement and military operators who recognize the excellent performance and reliability of their products.
MAGNUM has been setting the standard for decades in the tactical footwear market, where brands come and go on a regular basis, by consistently delivering very comfortable, functional and durable footwear at very reasonable prices.
BLACKHAWK products have become a staple in the military and law enforcement community and we carry the full line of products including the popular SERPA holsters which have been adopted by many Canadian law enforcement agencies.
CRYE Precision's MULTICAM fabric has taken the world by storm, and we carry the widest assortment of Multicam products in Canada. From our own custom-built smocks, pants and shirts to a wide range of tactical nylon essentials, we supply the world's best in their quest to defend our freedom.
Tactical Solutions Canada Inc. has been a leader in the field of tactical gear innovation for over two decades by delivering the world's best tactical clothing and equipment through our flagship store SEALS Action Gear in Calgary, Alberta.
DND Vendor Registration Number: 857869606PG0001
NATO CAGE Code: L5972
Controlled Goods Certificate: 22727
DUNS Registration Number: 24-060-1455

A little about us......

Since 1993, SEALS Action Gear has provided a wide selection of battle-proven and highly specialized tactical clothing and equipment to law-enforcement, military and security special operators in Canada and around the world. We are driven by the quest to get the right equipment, including many one-of-a-kind products, in the hands of the operators as quickly as possible, built by some of North America's finest gear and clothing manufacturers. Our solid relationship with our many suppliers ensures that we can deliver the best products, where you need it, when you need it.

SEALS Action Gear is a regular supplier to the tactical units of numerous Canadian and foreign law enforcement agencies, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, many municipal police departments, federal and provincial departments of justice, corrections, search and rescue organizations, as well as private security organizations who demand only the best!

We also take pride in the fact that we are a regular source of equipment for Canada's Armed Forces, including CANSOFCOM units, as well as the Special Forces of the United States, Great Britain and many others, having supplied mission specific items for many operational deployments. Besides being widely used in North America, most of our clothing and equipment has seen extreme field-testing in such places as the Middle East, South America, the Balkans, Africa, South-East Asia, and many more. The products you'll find in our store or on our website are there for one reason only...THEY WORK!

Although designed primarily for military and law enforcement special operations forces, our gear is extensively used by hard-core outdoor adventurers. It has been our experience that if something is designed to withstand the rigors of military operations in the field, it is most likely going to outlive the average outdoor enthusiast!

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